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Bioceramic Domes


Live outside the box.

Bioceramic domes are the first modern, natural homes to bring health, sustainability, and affordability together. Together now we reimagine the future of home.

Reconnect with
the natural world.

The earthen floors and great circle skylights of your dome connect you to the earth and sky. The expansive spherical space minimizes surface area and allows air to flow in natural convection patterns. There are no petrochemicals or potentially toxic materials. Geoship’s design mimics bone, sea shells, and turtle shells. When humans grow shells, we’ll grow bioceramic geodesic domes.

Dome sweet dome

REdefining the Home

Now you don’t have to compromise your values to afford a home.

90% less CO2 footprint
Hurricane Resistant
100% Non-Toxic
Fire Resistant
Near Zero Waste

This makes it possible

Inspired by nature's abundance of food, air, and water, we believe housing too was meant to be a gift not a speculative commodity. Geoship domes are designed to maximize health, safety, and sustainability, at a radically affordable price — giving you time and money to live the life you love.

At scale, a Geoship dome will be Less Than Half the Cost of a conventional home.



Efficient. Strong. Safe.

Womb-like shape births new worlds.
Doubly efficient with energy and material, domes are superior to squares. The shape naturally circulates air, maintaining an even temperature. Without corners, there is no stagnant energy. Wind flows around, not into the building. Natural light reflects and stays within, maximizing solar gain and reducing the need for artificial lighting. Forces distribute evenly across the entire hemisphere, giving domes unparalleled structural soundness. It’s twice as efficient to heat and cool a dome. Sound acoustics are dynamic and rich, which is why Byzantine churches and great concert halls share the shape. Load-bearing walls and support beams do not obstruct the internal space opening a world of possbility for interior design.



Nothing to burn, mold, or corrode.

Womb-like shape births new worlds.
Bioceramics form a hard, dense, non-porous, crystalline structure like a ceramic pot. Whereas the pot gains its crystalline properties from high heat produced in the fires of a kiln, bioceramics form crystalline structures at room temperature through an acid-base reaction between earthen elements that are also found in our bodies. In fact, bioceramics were originally developed to repair human teeth and bone, so they are exceptionally safe and biocompatible. Bioceramics form very quickly making them ideal for high-volume, rapid production. The result is an extremely strong, non-toxic material that is highly resistant to corrosion, fire, water, abrasion, and extreme temperature fluctuations. Because it's entirely inorganic, there are no VOCs to off-gas, mold doesn’t grow on them, and there is nothing to rot. Bioceramics utilize several different waste stream products and have relatively low embodied energy, making them an environmentally–friendly material. A palette of mineral pigments can change the naturally white bioceramic to any color.

The visionaries

The BIOCERAMIC GEODESIC future of home is here.

Buckminster Fuller

The Great American Inventor 
and Future Architect

Rustum Roy

The Legendary Indian Professor of Material Science

Our technology integrates the work of two great inventors who dedicated themselves to improving human wellbeing.

Architect and inventor, Buckminester Fuller knew the full potential of his geodesic domes would not be realized with wood, metal and concrete. In the mid 20th century, he predicted a new material would emerge to complement the geodesic structures he developed to mimic nature’s own designs and make use of the native strength of natural structures.

A few decades after Bucky invented the geodesic dome, the eminent materials scientent and physicist Rustum Roy began developing the material science of ceramic compositions. Over the last 20 years, this has led to the creation of a range of materials with very exciting properties.

We design our panelized building system after Bucky’s geodesic form because it’s a perfect expression of his philosophy of doing more with less. It’s efficient, strong and mimics the structural forms found in nature. The bioceramic materials we use to build with originates in the scientific work of Dr. Roy.

The Building system

ready-to-assemble Homes

Precision made parts come together on site. We supply a few special tools and optional augmented reality glasses to support people who wish to build their own homes.



Two sizes that connect into many configurations.

1,040 sqft
(Includes loft)
27 ft
16,8 ft
18 ft
360 sqft
(Includes loft)
12 ft
Estimated Baseprice:
$ 33,000
Estimated Baseprice:
$ 110,000

Domes that interconnect

We start in Backyards and evolve into Homes and Villages.

Personalised Design

Windows layout, panel color, so much to customize to define your personal touch in your home.

Everything you need and nothing you don’t.

Whether you’re stargazing through your great circle skylights, or preparing a meal for the people you love, Geoship is being designed to fit your needs. Natural furniture, cabinets, countertops, and mechanical systems will be seamlessly integrated. You’ll have all the space and conveniences you need, while the dusty corners, clutter, and cross beams dissolve.

The interior design system will allow living spaces to become more creative and authentic. A system of structural points enables the living space to be easily reconfigured. Electrical systems and plumbing are integrated into the bioceramic shell. We are developing a dome configurator to make your design and permitting process easy.

TEchnology Integration Icons


Multi-Purpose Studios

Creativity Soars Outside The Box
You want a tiny home, a backyard writing studio, a small rental unit for your local community, or additional dwelling for friends and family? With a small footprint, our 18” dome makes a great creative studio, tiny home or additional dwelling unit. With earthen floors, natural spectrum light, fractal geometry and high electric ceramics, energy and creative flow. Round structures have a long association with sacred sites, nomadic life, grand buildings and temples.

multi-generational Homes

Home for the Long Haul
Got a small tribe? Connect up a number of domes into a courtyard house, arrange the family compound, and get creative with geodesic building blocks. With hey have low operational energy and low maintainence cost. They can be resurfaced and repaired with the same ceramic material. Being the most earthquake and hurricane proof structure known to humans, and cosntructed of inorganic materials, we are designing these homes to survive centuries.




Designing your own village

Find your tribe. Build your village.

Ready to set up a DAO and build a village? While our microfactory packs the dome kits for shipment, you arrange the windows in relation to the sun and stars on the virtual configurator and write your by-laws with guidance from our partners..

We’re not just building a more affordable home, we’re crushing costs at every level, by democratizing the entire design/build process. You’ll be able to crowdfund land and development costs, code your own currency, create your own country, and participate in building the future village you’ve imagined.

not developers, co-created community

Help us to make this vision a realisty