Dome Tech
Bioceramic Domes


Affordable Natural Homes

Imagine a new homebuilding era. Out beyond ideas of right angles and hard lines, there’s a bioceramic dome. We’ll meet you there.

Held by the earth

Geoship brings natural materials together with natural geometry — so you can build the home you’ve imagined, with greater financial freedom, less carbon footprint, and a stronger connection to the earth.




Live outside the box.

Bioceramic domes optimize for health and wellbeingy by comprehending and copying nature. We eliminate the sources of toxicity in homes by mimicing nature’s light, water, and electromagnetic environment. The materials and geometry resonate biologically so your dome feels like your favorite nature sanctuary.

Dome Tech

100% Non-Toxic Materials

Entire dome made from bioceramic composites.

90% reduced carbon footprint

An order of magnitude more energy efficient.

Disaster resilient

Designed to be around for your great, great, great grandchildren.

The housing industry ain’t broke. It was designed like this.

A home on the land is your birthright.

But the industry counts homes and land as speculative goods. Average Americans can no longer afford homes in over 70% of the country.

You’re forced to rent or buy flimsy, toxic, and inefficient housing.

They tell you climate change is going to destroy life on Earth. And that it’s your fault.

Over 40% of global CO2 emissions come from building construction and operation.

You’re a being of light, water, and electromagnetic energy. Deeply connected to Mother Earth.

The housing industry doesn’t give two shifts about your bioelectric field. Or your Mother.

Over 50% of Americans suffer from chronic disease and studies show that 70% of chronic disease is environmental. 

You dream of connection. To community. To the Earth.

The Roman Grid pattern disconnects us from one another and the natural world.

Loneliness has become an epidemic. It kills more people than smoking or obesity.

We’re ending this cycle of human suffering. 

Geoship homes save you money, are better for the Earth, and way better for your health.

We’re not going to disrupt the housing industry. We’re gonna stand over it’s grave until we know the motherfucker is dead.

We start with a new material science. It enables mass production of amazing homes. 

Bioceramic homes reconnect human communities with the natural world.

We give you the tools to gather your tribe and collaborate to design a village. 

We hold your hand through the entire design-build process. 

Finally, we do something the fat cat investors think is crazy.

We make every customer a shareholder.

We’re talking real ownership. Shares. You’re in on the ground floor of a high growth technology company.

This fundamentally reshapes the home building industry, and capitalism itself.

Your success becomes our success. This is the #futureofhome. 

The earthshot
natural homes for everybody

Steward Brand catalyzed a generation of inventors and innovators with his Whole Earth Catalog, which was an analog internet. The goal was to give people the tools to make a better world. He drew inspirtion from Buckminster Fuller, and shared his passion for seeing the individual as supremely important in creating a society that can live sustainably and abundantly on an ecologically basis.

The back cover of the last issue of said “Stay Hungry, Stay Foolish.” That tagline is a the mantra for Earth Loving innovators.

At Geoship we are hungry for a better world and are foolish enough to attempt the big, big mission of reinventing the housing market.

Earthshots require beautiful fools courageous enough to attempt the impossible and work toward sustainable society in the same way the moonshot of the 20th century required largescale efforts and lots of “hungry” individuals all working toward a common goal that seemed insurrmountable,

We invite you to come aboard as we build Geoship and attempt this housing Earthshot with us! At this stage we need capital, partners, and talented individuals. In the future we will need owner-builders, passionate customers, village builders, and regenerative fools.


The Geoship