Whole Person Healing


(Disclaimer – Geoship domes are not going to heal anyone.)

The word “healing” is loaded with different meanings. The current materialistic paradigm of science and medicine disregards it, but in the emerging paradigm of unified physics and holistic health, healing is a new science. Professor Rustum Roy, who is credited with inventing the material science that enables Geoship, headed one of the biggest material science labs in the world at Penn State University. The primary focus of Prof. Roy’s career was to really define this new science of Whole Person Healing. (link to bucky/rusty field note or to WPH interview with rusty?)

Non-Toxic Materials

We manufacture all of our own building materials from raw minerals — eliminating all of the potentially toxic and polluting substances typically used in construction. In 2017, the Toxic Substances Control Act was finally revised by the EPA – it hadn’t been revised for 40 years. Until now, there has been practically no regulation (in the US) on the chemical substances used in building materials. For instance the well known toxin formaldehyde is banned in Europe and China, but used in almost every American home (in standard OSB, standard drywall, and standard carpet padding). In the last several years, a growing body of scientific evidence has indicated that the air within homes and other buildings can be more seriously polluted than the outdoor air in even the largest and most industrialized cities.

No Mold Growth

The bioceramic dome is engineered to ‘breathe’. The ceramic materials generate a charge differential that moves water vapor through the wall. The all inorganic ceramic compounds do not provide the nutrients that fuel mold growth. (Mold and mildew feed on organic carbon-containing compounds.)

Fresh Air

The dome geometry works to move air through natural convection. Automated vents at the top and bottom exchange stale air with fresh air. The dome has no support beams or attics to block air flow. The volume of a dome is 30% to 50% less than a rectilinear structure with equal floor space – this means up to 50% more fresh air than a conventional home.

Natural Light

New studies show that the artificial light emitted from light bulbs and computer screens (intense in the blue spectrum) is creating circadian rhythm disorders. Harvard researchers have linked this excessive blue light exposure to cancer, diabetes, obesity, and depression. The bioceramic dome uses great circle skylights and star tops to flood the dome with natural light (heat and glare can be independently regulated by the optional electrochromic glass). Our domes use natural spectrum lights that mimic the qualities of sunlight and adjust tone with the time of day.

Fractal Geometry

Certain geometries focus energy, while others scatter energy. In a geodesic dome each flat wall is opposed by a corner. It’s precisely the opposite of a box, where each flat wall is opposed by another flat wall, and “right” angles dominate. The geodesic geometry focuses energy into its center, restoring centripetal charge forces. This is the opposite of radiation, which is charge forces radiating outward from the center.

Indigenous cultures may have sensed this intuitively when they constructed stone circles, labyrinths, and pyramids. These natural sanctuaries were built to focus energy, restore balance, and enhance fertility or seed germination. The ancient flower of life pattern created by indigenous cultures around the world is the geodesic dome in 2D.

High Dielectric Ceramics

Our magnesium-based bioceramics are paramagnetic and high dielectric. They attract and compress charge like a capacitor. Experiments in atmospheric physics have shown that the earth is negatively charged, and we pick up about 100 volts of potential charge differential for each meter we gain in elevation. This climaxes with the ionosphere, which is positively charged. Our world can be thought of as existing between the two plates of a capacitor, earth’s surface being the negative plate, and the ionosphere being the positive plate.

Air and water are both high dielectric materials. A Qigong Master might say that all living beings breathe charge (chi, prana, life force energy, gravity). Bioceramic domes combine fractal geometry with high dielectric materials to compress the charge field. This is a new science of architecture and a modern version of ancient pyramid, stone circle, and temple building.

Far Infrared Light

Geoship bioceramics absorb over 80% of the sun’s radiation, and slowly re-emit the radiation as far infrared light. Most materials do this at some level, but bioceramics can do it very efficiently. Infrared light therapy has begun to gain widespread attention. Scientific studies are showing how it boosts metabolism, stimulates white blood cell production, reduces body fat, increases energy, reduces inflammation, improves circulation, heals wounds faster, speeds recovery time after working out, provides pain relief, rejuvenates the skin, lessens muscle pain, improves flexibility, and provides anti-aging benefits for your body. Top athletes, like Superbowl quarterback Tom Brady, have begun wearing sleepwear infused with bioceramic powders to speed muscle recovery.

Our definition of “Regenerative Architecture” encompasses regeneration at the level of ecological, biological, AND social systems. Our infinite journey is to build tools to build healthy relationships with self, community, and the land.

Let the “healing” begin.