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Manufacture affordable natural homes for everybody.

We’re creating tools for you to build the future you’ve imagined: We believe regenerative villages are one of the keys to unleashing collaborative innovation and building a more beautiful world for future generations.

Growing Geoship

True living vision

Geoship Origins

Future worlds are like living beings, they reveal themselves to those who seek….true living visions are not owned or even found, speak through a thousand visionary voices…..physics first principles…..buckminster fuller introducing the synergetic math that made building geodesic domes possible…..wooden spaceships…..50-100 years until the material science would arrive….right on que….legendary professor of material science rustum roy….creating a new science of whole person healing…..identified a new family of materials he called chemically bonded ceramics. His discovery lead to a 12 year R&D project at US national labs, where the bioceramic material science was first developed and commercialized….

Cooperative calling

Five years of conscious evolution

Geoship founders Morgan, Adam, and Bas….dreaming for a more equitable world….multi-stakeholder cooperative….nature and customers are owners. Penniless in our 30’s, angel investor, farm house, several years of full time R&D developing the material science, product design, and listening to customers to understand the market need, reduce risk, and ensure Geoship has a grass roots start.

Serving homeless communities

Homes for the Domeless

Persistence and openness, lead to a meeting with Tony Hsieh, the trail blazing CEO of Zappos. Challenged us to present a way to serve homeless communities through a for-profit business model… to project flyer.

From Zero to One

Community Funded

Relocated from Whidbey Island to Nevada City. Home in the Sierra Nevadas, a creative center in the heart of fire country. Raised $1.5m through 1,600 community investors. Focused on engineering, manufacturing, completing the deep R&D. Installed the first ceramic dome. Grateful, excited for the future!

From Zero to One

Join us on the journey from prototype to production

Talk about investment opportunity and what the future brings


Meet the Geoship Crew.

Visionaries. Designers. Builders. Operators.

Founders | Crew | Advisory

Geoship is catalyzing a global movement toward the regenerative future.

Talk about investment opportunity and what the future brings


We are supported by advocates who are passionate…

about natural building, regenerative technology, resonant architecture, design, engineering, physics, numbers, story telling, technology, myth and more. They lend their expertise and enthusiasm to help us spread the word about Geoship and further our mission of manufacturing affordable natural homes for everybody.


Get to know the Geoship Crew

Get to know the Founders Series:
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Get to know the Crew Series:
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